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"Svami" is the progressive drinks from India redefining how the world drinks with our all - natural, alternative beverages. Made in India, Svami offers the most relevant range of non-alcoholic drinks for a world consumed with premium living and premium consumption.

Svami come in 10 delicious varieties:

- Original tonic

- Light tonic

- Cucumber tonic

- Grapefruit tonic

- 3 Cal tonic

- Ginger ale

- Soda water

- Non-alcoholic Rum & Cola

- Non-alcoholic Pink Gin & Tonic

- Non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic

India's first and most popular premium mixers

Keywords to note

  • ​Made in India

  • All natural

  • Low calorie

  • Low sugar

  • Special items for non-alcoholic (part of the product)

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