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"honey B" founded in Year 2016 as an innovative beverage that transform ordinary food into extraordinary drinks. Successfully compacts health benefits from real natural honey into a ready-to-drink format.  To make quality honey more affordable and accessible to all consumers, supplementing health in a fun and refreshing manner.


As the demand for honey drink grows, there will be a need for a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem for flowers, honey bees and production of honey to ensure sustainable global food supply, while making earth a greener, prettier and safer home for our future generations.


Bringing a positive change to the world is an implicit moral obligation in our journey to create a good natured beverage company.

Sparkling Honey Drink

Keywords to note

  • Made from Real Australian Honey

  • No added sugar

  • No added flavouring

  • No added colouring

  • Healthy Carbonated drinks

  • HALAL certified

  • World's 1st HALAL certified Sparkling Honey Drink

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