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"Famous soda" we set out to change the world a little bit for the better and be the leaders in the “Better For You Space” because we must look after our health nowadays. Products that we know are full of sugar like sodas, (that we all secretly love) and created a “Better For You” option. We worked with the best in class biochemists and food techs creating recipe after recipe, trailing, testing and tasting to perfect our FAMOUS flavours and create the perfect formula. Finally, the stars aligned and Famous Soda was born.


That artisan soda that not only looks good and tastes good, but also a soda that the whole family can enjoy. We surely know you will love them - Zero Sugar, is 100% Natural, Australian Made, only 8 calories to a bottle and 6-8 to a can.

Famous soda come in 6 delicious varieties:

- Lemon

- Blood orange

- Passion fruit

- Pink lemonade

- Ginger beer

- Cola

Zero Sugar and only 8 Calories soda

Keywords to note

  • ​Made in Australia

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Only 8 calories per serve

  • Zero sugar

  • No additives

  • No preservatives

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