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It's Manuka Kombucha

It’s Manuka - Kombucha” is a fermented tea and an excellent source of probiotics, AKA the good guys. With It's Manuka Kombucha, sip heaps of these good bugs for happy guts. With our real fruit flavours and Australian manuka honey to tame the tang, it's a bomb party from your mouth to your belly.

It's Manuka - Kombucha come in 3 delicious varieties:

- Raspberry Lemonade

- Pineapple & Coconut

- Lemon & Ginger

Australian Manuka Kombucha

Keywords to note

  • Australian Manuka Honey

  • Low calorie

  • Nothing artificial

  • No preservatives

  • Real fruit juice

  • No added sugar

  • Live bacteria

  • Australian made

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