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"Bee Zen" is the desire to offer another vision of drinks dedicated to pleasure and relaxation. After much research on herbal teas, we have selected plants with ancestral virtues in order to invent refreshing and naturally soothing drinks. Bee Zen recipes were developed in the South of France by a team dedicated to your serenity. Bee Zen is a feeling of well-being, sometimes forgotten in everyday life that has become too stressful.

Bee Zen's mission is to offer a new drink philosophy dedicated to pleasure and relaxation. Carefully selected plants with the highest natural virtues in order to create refreshing and naturally soothing herbal teas. We lovingly support bees and donate part of our sales to fund new hives. 

1 Bee Zen shared = 1 Bee supported

Bee Zen come in 2 delicious varieties:

- Peach

- Rose

Sparkling Organic Herbal Tea

Keywords to note

  • ​Product of France

  • 100% organic

  • Low calorie

  • Low sugar

  • Silky smooth bubble texture

  • 1 Bee Zen shared = 1 Bee supported

  • Reward by Agriculture Biologique certification of France

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