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"SERIOUS PIG" is SERIOUSLY CRUNCHY: After maturing on wooden shelves for many months, a whole virgin wheel of Italian Quattrocento cheese is crumbled and baked in a super special oven to create a seriously crunchy cheese snack that packs a punch. Great for parties, spreads, get-togethers, and more!

100% REAL CHEESE is using! A bold, hard Italian cheese that’s made with 400 litres of fresh milk from Granarolo local farmers. 100% natural cheese snack that’s off-the-chart tasty! These healthy and savoury snacks are keto-friendly and high in protein (11g per 24g pack). Also vegetarian, gluten free, and lactose free for all to enjoy.

Serious Pig is a British premium snack brand born in the pub. Crunchy Snacking Cheese is seriously good with ale, beer, cider, and wine - and equally delicious for snacking right out of the packet!

SERIOUS PIG come in 4 delicious varieties:

- Classic (100% Cheese)

- Truffle

- Rosemary

- Caramelised Onion

Oven baked Italian cheese

Keywords to note

  • ​Product of Italy

  • 100% cheese

  • Suitable for vegetarian

  • High protein

  • Gluten free

  • Lactose free

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